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Little Bag for Mum


Mums – they mean the world. They’ll do anything for us and it is lovely to find a little something to give back. The Little Bag for Mum is a keepsake gift to say thank you, to show her how much you care and how very special she is to you.

The Little Bag for Mum is something she will treasure forever. She will be delighted opening the little bag to reveal the contents inside!

Mother’s Day isn’t the only time you could gift this Little Bag but it is of course the most ideal time of year! It is also great as a birthday pressie, something for when she needs some cheering up, when you go home for holidays, or just to let mom know you are thinking about her… for no particular reason at all, other than love!

A beautiful printed cotton bag, designed by Leelu. Attached to the little bag is a printed cardboard tag. One side says ‘Little Bag for Mum’ and the other lists the cute little items contained within. The text on the tag reads as follows:

"This Bag for Mum contains...
A ROSE for your feminine beauty and sweetness, a BUTTERFLY because you help me fly high and reach my potential, and a TEABAG because you always make the perfect cuppa! SEEDS which represent how you’ve nurtured me to help me grow, a DIAMOND for your strength and unyielding support, and a TAXI ID CARD because goodness knows you have earned it! A PLASTER to thank you for healing everyone’s hurts, a WASHING PEG for those countless loads of washing you’ve done, SALT for bringing flavor into our lives (and onto our plates!), and a HEART to say I love you so much, mum… because unlike this GOLDFISH, you never forget the important things!"

Want to add on that extra personal touch? Add one or both of the below items:


This is an additional tag (same size and shape) which will be attached to your Little Bag. It is not just white, it is printed double sided and is a lovely little gift tag. It will give you the space to add your own personal message to the recipient. Click on the above link to order.


The gift box is a great way to wrap the Little Bag which isn’t the easiest little item to wrap nicely. It is a pillow box with a beautiful little sticker closing it up. Simply pop up the sides and slide in the bag… a perfect fit! Click on the above link to order.

The Little Bag for Mum is small… approximately 9x7cm. To get an idea of the size of each item please see the photos and compare them to the size of the bag or teabag. They are all adorable mini items.

The Little Bag for Mum is protected by Copyright.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to stock any Leelu products in your store.

The Little Bag for Mum is not suitable for babies or small children as it contains small parts which could present a choking hazard.

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